Seljuk Empire

Seljuks from East to West or From Khorasan to Anatolia

Geography where seljuks state has appeared and its neighbours should be known for determining  formation and interaction of Seljuks state organization. Early date of Seljuks family who are known to be Kınık tribe of Oghuz turks starts with Yengikent and Cent cities where are winter center of Oghuz yagbus which govern northern and southern parts of Seyhun river which pours into Aral Lake and northern sections of Aral Lake. Cend city which is located in Muslim Samani state and where population is muslim and commercial activities are intense is the city where Seljuks has accepted islam region. Even though circumstances has become harder  Seljuks supported Samani state which was almost ruined and resisting karakhanids  by the end of X. century.  Nur town which is located at upper side of Samarkand and Buhara at center of Maveraünnehir as award for this support.  They maintained this support until ruin of Samanis. In following period Seljuks tried to survive between tow super powers of Ghaznavids and Karakhanids. Then they captured Ghaznavid land Khorasan and founded their state. (1040). Seljuks and then Karakhanidss always brought down Ghaznavids which were ruling Afghanistan and Northern India in their controlling struggles.

Seljuks ruling spread to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Eastern and Southern Eastern Anatolia by conquests which has started just after foundation. There were many big and small states or emirates  Iran during conquest. These were made obedient during Tuğrul Bey period. In Iraq thee was Abbasid State which was under invasion of Shii Buveyhi state. Seljuks which has entered into Baghdad terminated buveyhi domination and maintained collapse of this state. Even though relations between Abbasit Khalifat was friendly at the beginning, it did not continue with such manner and sometimes crisis and stresses have occurred.

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